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GOOD DESIGN clarifies and explains. Design communicates who you are and what you stand for in a clear, professional and memorable way. It is the clothes your company wears out in public.

I have over 20 years of experience as a designer and artist.I have worked extensively with corporate identities, environmental design, wayfindng retail signage and project coordination. As a silk screen printer and graphic artist I have produced graphics and props for the film, television and advertising industries, museum displays and trade shows. Clients included, Taylor Industries Display, Northern Telecom, The Royal Ontario Museum and various display and graphic design firms. As a signage designer with a major north American public transit agency, I have developed wayfinding systems for numerous transit facilities. I have also run OHG as an ongoing freelance outlet throughout my career.

My training and background goes back to the pre-digital age, which is to say I know how to do things by hand and have been around through all the iterations of digital design. I have drawn and painted all my life and was an honours graduate of the Onatrio College of Art. I began my graphics career designing and hand cutting stencils for screen printing and vinyl letters, manually enlarging images, and producing layouts using Lettraset and drafting pens, an Exacto knife and clear tape. When I saw the first computerized vinyl plotter in the early to mid 1980s, I thought there was no way this clunky rattle-trap machine could keep up with a good artist like myself. However, Russell has kept up with changes in design technology, and is adept at combining traditional hand-made approaches with technologically based ones.

Proficiencies include:

Vector and Pixel Based Software Design Applications:

Specialized Software For The Sign Industry:

Freelance output has included: